Photos courtesy of Frame in Focus Photography

Cardboard Willie Is:

Ken Hale

Grassfoot, Local Honey, Pilfering Haberdashers, Midnight Porn Stars, Poverty Hill, Orbit Crew, Mississippi Guitar Orchestra (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Organ, Banjo)

JP Hester

Rhythm Token, Homemade Pants (Lead Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Banjo)

Rusty Jessup

Homemade Pants, Northern Lights, Velvet Amy, Brighter Shade, The Vanessa Olivarez Band, Ronny Ragan and Rusty Jessup, Anonymous Groove, Butterfly Stitch, Bellum Rose (Drums and Percussion)

Chris Owens

Chattahoochee Cannibals, Homemade Pants (Bass, Vocals)

Alex Pruitt

The Biscuits, Slightly Imperfect (Rhythm Guitar)

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